Best in Purple

This is going to be a fashion blog but not in the usual sense.  I will give credits where I can, but many things I show will be from designers who have moved or changed their names, or left SL entirely (to our loss) so don’t expect to run out to the store and copy my look.  I’m hoping to encourage you to look within your own massive collections (you know you have them) and find that lost pair of Maitreya shoes or Last Call outfit that’s been gathering dust.  Bring it out and mix and match with new things or free things.  Who knows what treasures you have buried in there?

I like to go to a club called Act 1.  Each set they do has a theme and the other night they were doing best in purple.  I recalled seeing a 99L purple plaid outfit while doing the Hunt for Life so I went back through the stops until I found it. I didn’t win anything at the club, but I did get a great new outfit, and guess what else, perfectly color matched boots.  Long ago I bought slouchy suede boots from Maitreya.  I discovered by accident I could edit them so I made a copy for safe keeping and proceeded to learn how to color and texture the boots.  Apologies to Maitreya if I wasn’t supposed to, I can’t transfer them or sell them so I figured it was ok.  So while I was trying on a pair with the purple outfit from UD, I found a pair that I had tried to edit but failed.  They were all different colors and didn’t go with anything.

I went to the marketplace and found some suede textures (so much for not buying anything!) and began to try to retexture the boots.  They looked ok but the color was all wrong.  So I started to play with the color, adding brownish overlay and just messing with the RGB values until the boots went with the plaid hose.  My poor attempt at

 retexturing can’t possibly compete with the original, but its not bad for an amateur, plus now I have boots that match my outfit perfectly.  In the image, the purple is on the right and the original black on the left.

One last note about the outfit – missing pixels.  This might fall under the category of TMI – too much information so be warned I’m going to be talking about lady parts if you want to skip.  I wear the lovely Sia shape and skin by League and they were thoughtful enough to make realistic colored lady parts.  This is why I was dismayed to realize that I could see those parts even though I was dressed.  This is of course after I went to the best in purple event, so I flashed everyone.  The tiny shorts I was wearing were so short that they missed a couple of important pixels right in the center.  I’ve tried uploading shorts and panties before and I know how hard it is to get this area just right w/o ending up with the garment trailing down the leg.  So rather than worry about it, I just decided to fix it by putting on some underwear.  To my shock I had nothing in inventory that didn’t come up past the waistband of the shorts.  Finally I found a thong that appears to be made of silver chain so if you cross your eyes and look at me sideways you might just think it’s a belly chain.  Modesty preserved.

Outfit by [UD] Clothing, boots by Maitreya, skin and shape by League, hair Adoness Pythoness in Platinum, and gypsy jewelry by Hibiscus Flossberg.


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