Oops I’m naked!

best in non-human
When I went to the Best in Non-Human event I optimistically thought I looked like this. There fore I was upset to be messaged instantly by several people telling me I was naked. A re log failed to bring back my clothes so I was faced with the options of finding something else to wear, leaving, or as some people enthusiastically suggested, brazening it out naked. I’m a little too much of a prude for that option so I chose to find something to wear. Unfortunately in this situation, when SL is acting up, only prim clothing will do, none of the system stuff is guaranteed to work any better than what you already aren’t wearing. Fortunately I had acquired somewhere in the course of my journeys a set of prim dancing silks. I don’t generally have an occasion to wear silks but these were unique enough to keep. Now I’m glad I did!

Shape by League, skin, hooves and other demon parts by ..::AKA::.., Nubian Angel Ankh Silks by Hiri Nurmi, hair Adoness Pythoness in Blood Red.


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