Let me see your Peacock

If there is one thing I’m a sucker for, its peacock feathers. If I see it for sale, and it’s made with peacock feathers, it’s mine. This is only a Second Life facination. In real life I tend to avoid them since the cats will eat them.

This outfit consists of Eyefidelity Real Eyes in Peacock, peacock lashes by the Stringer Mausoleum, peacock wings in natural from Seven’s Selections, Sn@tch Pavo Peacock earrings in green, a peacock feather necklace that I got on the marketplace, Peqe peacock skirt and tank and Pege g wedge shoes in teal. The makeup is by Mock.

Peacock Outfit

peacock closeup

I can’t really claim to be a peacock afficiendo and only show one outfit can I? I didn’t change eyes or hair, but I did change everything else. Here we have flawless peacock “eyeflashes” by Callie Cline, the oBscene-Cleo-Blue peacock with mole skin (still with the Mock makeup), Pididdle peacock earrings, and a peacock masquerade gown from deep inside my inventory, creater unknown. It came with a mask which I chose not to wear because it covered up the lovely skin and makeup.


pea close 2

Another long lost item from inventory called Emerald Eyes, original creator unknown.

peacock 3


Sweetest Goodbye

At first I viewed the closing notice from Sweetest Goodbye with little dismay. After all, I’d never been there. Hoping for some good deals I went and now I am infinitely sad because I found much to love and am truly sorry to see this store go. Here are but 4 of the outfits I bought for 50% off. Notice a theme?

This one is called Oh! The boots and outfit go together but are sold separately. I paired them with a tank top from Sn@tch to keep it decent. The jacket came in two sizes but I was still forced to reduce bust size to wear it properly. I don’t think it was to my detriment.


This one is called Baby Doll Euphoria and is a limited edition in pink.

Baby Doll Euphoria

The third and fourth are both Asian inspired, something I have developed a taste for after doing the Silk Road Hunt. The first is called Breeze and the second is called Tonight. I really liked Breeze because the way it is cut allows the legs to show which made it perfect for dancing without distorting the system skirt.