Kat’s Meow showcases Junbug gachas!

Junbug Gacha Market

With more wonderful things on the horizon, it became even more imperative to get some of the old stuff OUT of my inventory.  So I went to my booth on EPIC and tore it down and redecorated completely with lovely Junbug items.  Unfortunately with a prim limit of 50 I didn’t get to put out as much as I’d like, but I’ll figure out how to get more set out later.

So, for your shopping pleasure you can pick up commons and a few rares and ultra rares from The Highland Lady Gacha, The Rosemarie’s Boudoir Gacha, The Grecian Gacha, The Nouveau Fairy Gacha, as well as The Siren Mystery Gacha which has fur stoles and neck warmers.  Finally in the center is a gacha machine filled with all the letter necklaces from The Empress Gacha.  They are priced at a reasonable 10L per pull.  The entire alphabet isn’t in there, so I’d recommend editing the machine and checking its contents to see if your letter is even an option before trying.

The Highland Lady and Rosemarie’s Boudoir Gachas:

Junbug Gacha Market

The Grecian Goddess and the Nouveau Fairy Gacha:

Junbug Gacha Market

The Siren Mystery Gacha which included the fur neck warmers and stoles:

Junbug Gacha Market

The Letter necklaces from The Empress Gacha:

Junbug Gacha Market

See something you like?  Come and get it!



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