Opening Katerina’s Kloset

I really like to go on hunts.  I get to collect free things and as a result see new stores and buy lots of things I might have otherwise missed.  Lots of lindens spent on lots of pixels!  However that leads to a few problems;  I need to both curb my spending and, organize my inventory. What to do, what to do?  Well I’ve come up with a small plan, first off I’m going to seriously cut down on my spending, (sigh, no accessory fair for me!)  Second I’m going to go through my inventory and see what’s in it.  I’m going to make up new outfits from what’s already in my closet.  I’ve got over 60 thousand items, not all clothes of course, but I’m sure I can find a few things that will be entertaining.  Everything I purchased I purchased because I admired it’s craftsmanship and beauty.  If you aren’t following me around in second life then you have no idea of the collections I’ve amassed.  So, let’s go on a voyage of discovery and find out what’s in Kat’s Kloset.